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Megaplex 2014 - Willy Wonka Pounce



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Best time EVER!!!!
katarusan wrote in megaplex
This past weekend was the most outstanding con ive been too. AS said best by Rukario. It was like being with family. The con attendance i believe was around 255 with 45 suiters. I being one of them. I was also the Dj thursday night. and though noone came up besides a few people i really Like to thanks EVERYONE, the staff, antimon, and stitch, especially for letting me be a part of this. I was even in the Con Book, (woot) but i feel the real winners this weekend were the animals and workers of the C.A.R.E. foundation. Many thanks go to them as well to help protect and educate people of the many wonderful types of animals in our world that so many turn their backs to.

I really dont know what else to say. It was just an all around awesome experience. one i hope to share next year with even more people. Also, last but not least, thank you Staff members of megaplex. and ill see you again next year or maybe even sooner.

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I also just want to thank you for offering DJ service and for sharing a fun weekend with us. This was truly a special year for us, and you definitely added to it.

Thanks again!


Thank you, i do hope i can offer something again enxt year. keep in touch, and once again AMAZING suit. have you got a name for it?

You was so cute! *gives you a hug*

Thanks *hugs back tightly*

*murfs playfully* Hehe. You nomnomed my camcorder too!

Hehe. Ill have to coat it in chocolate next time. *giggles and rubs your paws* Hehe. You have cute footpaws!

Thank you very much, its a nice camera

Thank you. I also love the mane on your head *plays with the black headfur*

he4he its acctually my hair, but thanks. im a tiger here me rawr!!.....meow =^_^=

Nice meeting you man, hope to get to suit with ya. :)

you too, sorry the floor wasnt more groovy

Cooooo! And im a wuffie hear me howl! Aroo!

(Deleted comment)
much pleasure to meet you, i love the mini me hehe

Stryker and I noticed the lights up on the roof while the folks at Tastings were showing us around. I guess we just missed it when we got up there.

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