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Megaplex 2014 - Willy Wonka Pounce



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Megaplex 2008, big enough to serve, small enough to care...
rukario71 wrote in megaplex
Looking back, Megaplex 2008 offered something that I really hadn't quite experienced before.  This was a very pleasent feeling of closeness and warmth felt as though I were amoungst family.  In a sense, I WAS amoungst family, and they made me feel very welcome and invited indeed.  

This isn't to say that this feeling isn't present at ALL furry conventions, I would certainly say that it is.  Megaplex was by far, the smallest convention that I had attended in my little over a year in the community.  Don't let the size fool you, this convention received very high marks for enjoyment and fun factors.

Props goes to: All the Megaplex Stafff, Yappyfox, KP, EB, JR, CarlFox, Stitch and all the other staff members who worked tirelessly to make this convention truly a memorable experience.  

Volunteering at the convention was also a very enjoyable experience, as my only regret was not volunteering more *hangs head*.  

The programming was a nice mix that offered something for everyone, and the screening of the "Rocky Horror Picture Show" was a very nice treat indeed, as that production, kept me in stitches the entire time.  Very well done.  

The guest of honor, Adam Wan was awesome, what a really down to earth person he is, and I was honored to have met him.  

The food for the supersponsor luncheon was terrific, and the energy and commordoriry present gave this convention a very "down home 'family' type of feeling" that really truly made Megaplex 2008, "Big enough to serve, while being small enough to care."  

Thanks to everyone, and I look forward to next year's convention.

All the best,


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Thanks for Volunteering. It really did help make the convention a great con this year. And don't feel bad about the amount of time you spent volunteering. You helped out a BUNCH on Thursday with setup, so no getting down on yourself.

Heh. Dook!


I agree! Megaplex had been my first convention ever, and I was amazed at how welcomed I felt. I was SO unbelievably shy, but that didn't even matter. : )

I'm glad that you decided to spend the weekend with us. We definitely were happy to see you. We'll definitely try to make 2009 as much fun as 2008. :) Thanks again for the kind words!


I agree as well. it was an amazing con it was great to see everyone and be a part of something so moving and inspiring.

Very nice meeting you and talking with you at the thursday nite dance. :)

I'm glad I had a chance to volunteer besides you and get to know you better. Look for a post from me soon with links to the all the pictures I took.


thanks for accompying us to the landing, even thought they made you take off your head and lso thanks for the 50 cents to get on the tram *damn change machine grr* hope you had fun! Kayos

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