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Megaplex 2014 - Willy Wonka Pounce



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Megaplex 7 - After Con Room Party!
wildbilltx wrote in megaplex
Time to embarrass some furs...including me and my goofy laugh. And Bacardi & Sprite is a lousy combo. Thanks again to Megawolf for hosting a great party.

BTW I'm thinking about putting together a video montage for Megaplex 7, like I did for FWA 5. I've thought about using Matthew Ebel's "I Just Want To Fall In Love" cause I LOVE the song, but I'd like to get an OK from Hali to use his song before putting it together.

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I see your video and raise you a photo.


Awesome photo! Do you have a gallery online somewhere?

At least you didn't get me on video doing something stupid XD ahahaha

Yes props to megawolf. I've been commissioned by people from the party to draw him a picture now. :)

Damn, I'm sorry I missed that. :( Unfortunately, I had to be at work 5:30am Monday & missed everything after 7pm.

Damn real world.

That party was absolutely incredible. Speaking for myself I am very tempted to try and convince Megawolf to host one every night next year. I'd be there Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and housekeeping can hoist me out on Monday :>

For God' sake, use the song. Just gimme a link back to http://matthewebel.com when you do!


I had a complete blast at the party. The con was pretty fun as well. However the after party was were It was at. I Very much look forward to next years party and Hope to serve everyone again. I enjoyed it and I hope everyone else enjoyed the drinks as well. I just realized and noticed not many people got pictures of me. Next year I need to make myself known alot better I guess.

Bartender, Leo Darkheart

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