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Megaplex 2014 - Willy Wonka Pounce



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Megaplex 2008 review
poinktferret wrote in megaplex

Megaplex 2008


It was a fun con all around, and a lot less stressful then in previous years. More attendees this year, more staff, more volunteers. Definitely more fun.


This year, I handled 2 items officially for the convention; the Charity Auction, and the Variety Show. Both went fairly smoothly. For the Charity Auction, we raised over 1000 for our charity, CARE, and it was handled quite nicely by auctioneers Kage and 2, as well as "runners" Yippee Coyote, Nevermint, And KP. Big props to everyone involved.


The Variety show seemed to go smoothly and was well received by our audience. Was a different variety show then most; since part of it involved a multi-part serial play featuring 2 specifically created mascots in relation to our theme this year; Megapanther, and Baron Von Redtail. Santafox handled the scripting and coordination of the performers, and Terry coordinated the remaining acts, as well as hosted it. Again, great job all around.


The staff this year was on point for everything and did a great job: Yappy, KP, EB, Brace Bear, Karlfox, Liesel, Lynxcat, Rasvar, and I'm sure I'm forgetting people, but huge props all around. Oh, and thanks to KP for making the huge props.


I'm here all week, try the veal.


Which brings me to the other 2 items I was there to do aside from my official duties; the Pawpet Show, and my standup. On the Pawpet show, this was unique; we performed it in a wine tasting restaurant on the premises called Tastings. The owner was gracious enough to make sure they were open on Sunday when they are normally closed to make sure our attendees and staff got their life-necessary supply of the juice of the grape, and apparently the stuff they serve is top notch, since one person...not going to give any names, lets just say, Doctor, went through the place like Templeton the rat from Charlotte's Web, and another had some Riesling, which is apparently really good stuff with only minor side effects such as nibbling and eartongueing and just overexuberant friendliness; will have to keep a supply of this stuff around. And the people watching the show seemed to have a great time.


And finally, my standup. I got the opportunity to chat with 2 and Kage a bit about comedy and such; and both were very encouraging. I performed, and it seemed to go well, but I feel I definitely need to work on timing and confidence, and also not procrastinate about writing. But it was generally well received, to the point that something I did in my favorite bit became a catchphrase for some people; "Don't worry, you'll be fine." With this performance I now have an hours worth of material to release on DVD, which will be done shortly.



The only other report I guess I can make at this point is that;  amongst other staff changes made by the convention that I'm sure you read about already, Megaplex will have a new Programming director, which worries me.


They got some asshole named JR


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I hear that JR guy is a real jerk. Last time I saw him, he was running towards his car because some cop was heading over with his big ol' book o' tickets. Hehe. On the plus side, I think he got a picture of Liesl eating some very entertaining lunch, so he can't be all bad.


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