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Megaplex 2014 - Willy Wonka Pounce



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Megaplex con report
kaliko by crssa
kaliko_t_kat wrote in megaplex
 This Hug is the reason I went to Megaplex.  Now can't you just see Ranger's white fur turning pink???    I have been chatting with Ranger for almost a year online but this weekend was the first time we actually met.

Kidding aside I just wanted to thanks the staff and all the attendees for making my weekend so special.  I was not sure if I was going to be able to go but I had determination.  
It was great seeing friends that I had met before and make new ones.
I did not suit as much as I would have liked but at least I did this photo op.  I had wanted to be in the parade but I was feeling a bit wobbly on my feet so again I passed. :(
I arrived at about noon on Friday and after getting the luggage to the room I immediately went down stairs to get my con badge.  Let the fun begin!!!!  I was sitting on the couch in front of the registration desk talking to some friends  when who should walk up to me but (as I just joked about) but  </a></font></b></a>wyoon.  He knew who I was right away.   Then a while later my hubby  </a></font></b></a>qpuppy. and I were thinking about going to get something to eat since we had skipped breakfast in order to get on the road.  Then who should come up to me also knowing me right away but </a></font></b></a>twinkie_ottah.  I was shocked to see him because the last I knew he could not make it.  A whole gang of us headed for the Landing for something to eat.  It was a quick trip so we could make it back in time for the fur suit games.  I had a full evening planned, starting with Deal or no Deal.  It  was awesome.  But top on my list of things to do this weekend was Uncle Kage Story Hour.  I had missed most of it at FWA.  I was not disappointed.  I did not go to Karaoke only because I had not slept Thursday night because I was so excited about being able to go to Megaplex.  Like a kid on Christmas Eve.  I did stop briefly at the dance on Topside so I could let QPuppy experience it.  Our room was on the 5th floor anyways.
Saturday morning I was up at the crack of dawn.  We had breakfast in the hotel and then started wandering around catching up with friends.  Then photos were being taken Topside and I wanted to go out a see who was out there.  That is when I ran into Ranger and decided to go suit so I could get my picture taken with him.  I have lots of pictures from that.  Then we went to the C.A.R.E. presentation.  I love seeing the animals but I could have done without the snakes.  But that is ok it was fun and I was far enough away from the snakes.  Then Qpuppy took me to dinner at Morton's.  We probably will be eating Romien Noodles for the next 2 weeks but it was well worth it. Sort of.  After dinner we attended the concerts of Bucktown Tiger, (You rock dude!!) and Matthew Ebel (you rock also)  Had a wonderful time and this old Kat totally enjoyed the music.   And then we were at Jr's Stand up and 2's Rant.  Hey fellas you could not get any funnier.  The tears from laughter were streaming down my face.  AND THEN I ruined my wholesome image at the Rocky Horror Picture show.  I was a virgin and if you were there you know what I did.  It was quite a show.  To end the night we did stop by the dance to watch for a bit.
Sunday for the parade, I had wanted to be in it but my legs were not cooperating so I watched.  I had forgotten to charge up my battery so even though my camera was still working recovery was slow so for those of you I missed I do apologize.  We went to the Variety Show and then the Pawpet show that absolutely rocked.  Yappy, Tastings is a far cry from your livingroom.  Now do you need a wine rack???  We Then went to closing ceremonies.  It was sad that it was over.  We left after because QPuppy had to go to work in the morning.  He did not realize that lots of things happen after the con is officially over.  He knows for next year.
We both had a great time and want to thank all the staff for their hard work and dedication to make it all come together to make such a wonderful weekend.  We will be at Megaplex next year no matter where it is held.

This is the link to all of the pictures that I took.  They are not repaired they are as I took them so some of them are not great.


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I really got excited when I saw "rasn for my going to MP* then I read 'hubby"
Dang. We need to find that man a nice gal!
He's gonna kill me. hehe.

*blushes* Both of you... You're too much, but I love ya both for it. Kaliko, that picture made my morning. :)

Well I'm glad you had fun, I had a blast too!


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