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Megaplex 2014 - Willy Wonka Pounce



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An exhausting Blast!
yappyfox wrote in megaplex
Wow.. I think this had to have been the best MP to date.

From a staff POV:

255 attendees was a nice comfortable, able to mingle with people size..

45 Fursuiters in our rained out very short parade is 18% of attendance is Fursuiters.

No complaints from security about -our- group, just a couple noise complaints, which is typical, but this time it was the other groups in the hotel causing most of the trouble :>

Dealer's room grew 3X the size, and I hope it worked ok for the dealer's. (I know I bought stuffs.. I can't pass up foxes :>

From me as an attendee POV in events I attended:

RHPS was a hoot! Even the mingling of the Anniversarry party doing time warp in prom style dresses!

Mathew Ebel's performance was excellent! I think the show at MP was even better than his at FWA.

Bucktown! Damn great to see a stage performance like that -in- fursuit!

Fursuit Deal or No Deal was amazingly well done

Family Feud.. I hope we keep doing this.. the light box is a pain to move around, so I may try to build something better :>

My poor knees after dancing like an idiot in a drunken stupor..

And to a lame brain idea to hold FPS in a WINE BAR to which caused my drunken stupor... 1 bottle of wine should -NOT- have messed me up that bad.. Sheesh.. I was trash for closing ceremonies, and fell asleep in the ballroom during WTF theater :P But definetly, that FPS was one of our over the top episodes.. for a road show.. or even a regular show.

Now for more serious business.. As word has gone around..

KP and I are now Co-Chairs of Megaplex. Essentially I am the president of the corporation, KP is the VP (This is from the business side of the convention).

For the convention side, KP is the Chairman of the Convention, and I'm co-chair. This is like a Ying/Yang arrangement, as KP does a much better job handling the PR fronts and stage presence than I do, and I hope I can fulfill the business side of operations.. It sort of keeps us both load balanced :> I hope KP and I will be able to put forth a awesome future for the convention.

I will like to thank Carl for the previous years of service, as he's delt with the brint of chairman for 7 years. He needs a break.. I feel his pain :> I also have to thank Rasvar for all the nitty gritty penny pinching, and Liesl for snapping us all all into order.

I also give a warm thanks to the rest of out staff this year.. our first year that we have been as well staffed as we were this year..

JR: You Rule.. Putting up with random crap, and dishing it it right back when we deserved it.. Thanks for no going postal on us..

BraceBear: Awesome Con Suite. I'm so glad you will do it again next year :> Just get out and enjoy the con more.. you stressed over it, you did a great job, ya just gotta have fun as well :> Practice makes perfect so you can try again next year :>

Antimon: You try so hard to help us out this year, and timing and bad luck streaks made it dificult, but you still gave it your all and were dedicated to do what you could even with odds stacked against you.

AnimeCat: Great job on all those art panels! Can we hire you as art director next year?? :>

Jess: I know the stress of getting crap thrown last minute was a bitch.. but thanks again for a kick ass website and conbook this year. I realize RL is keeping you busy, and you can't be as dedicated as you have in the past, but I am grateful you will still help us out with conbook, because that stuff goes' beyond my abilities, and you sending me a PDF that magically just printed when I plugged it into my printer was a godsend.

Simba: No Crashes Karaoke! Thanks for taking the bullet to your ears!

Gen: Chained to a table all weekend.. I know how you feel, but you did well to keep order in the lion's den :> Thank you so much.

Salen: Kick ass on bringing together all the TV and such for the game room! If ya do it again next year (I hope) maybe you wanna do some table gaming? BTW thanks for the ride after lunch monday!

Stitch: You made it sooooo much easier on me this year.. especially since I had no room left :P And you being there for the topsider strike and all.. God send..

Ford: Thanks for keeping the stress for Rasvar down at reg.. Reg is always another ball and chain position, and you definetly helped keep sanity there :> BTW -HAWT- fursuit :>

Bloop: Dude.. you soooooo much helped me out this year, at 2 cons.. It is a pleasure to work with you, and I was always over possessive of the AV gear and such, but I'm coming to terms that I can trust you, and you are learning alot about the gear, and operations of it.. I hope I can keep you as my #2 guy on the AV crew..

Terry: Great badge design! After fighting with printers and such.. the badge design worked great, and it went painlessly.

SantaFox: Dude! you have sooo much energy.. I don't know where you get that, but I need to tap some :> Thank you for all your hard work, Your sketches, even in the caotic, unrehearsed forms, like at opening ceremonies still manage to get people to crack up. You also have kept our fursuit lounge stocked with much needed supplies. I hope you keep your energy levels.. We need a dynamo like you to keep pulling it through.

Domino: My third trailer.. Thanks for supplying Fans for fursuits, and hauling truss to JAX.. 2 years, and it is not gone unappreciated.

Mach and ALL security staff: You guys ruled this year.. No "militant" complaints, and I think security was the best it has ever been with the help of the Dorsai. You found an excellent, hard working, well adapting crew. I know the Dealer room hour changes were annoying, and after you clawed my face off, you still managed to fill my request... which was not just for me.. but the many Dealer's really appreciated it.

I'm tired here, and if I have forgotten a staff memeber.. please poke me.. I don't want to leave any of you out.

A Special Thank you to all our Volunteers this year!! You guys SAVED MY ASS.. Without all of you, I would have been beat to a pulp, but to all of you that helped move heavy equipment in and out of rooms and loading docks and stair and elevators.. I am SOOO glad we had an awesome turnout with volunteers this year, and you guys ROCKED! There are so many of you this year, I can't even begin to remember all of your names.

Rumor Control:

Yes, the word has been getting around that we are trying to move back to Orlando. This is not a definitive descision -yet-. We are working on the possibility, to move back to Orlando, and possibly a new time frame, but we canot give any more details at this time, as without a contract signed, I cannot speculate where or when MP 2009 will be. All we will say.. our theme is Toyland.

I hope you all come back for Megaplex 2009!

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Thank you Yappy. I do it for the same reasons I do the show. Aside from getting to be funny for the fans, I do it to hang with my pals, whom I consider my family. And you are right up there pal.

But don't tongue my ear again;)

Sorry bout that.. that was icky :P The wine made me do it.

Oh, would you relax?

Honestly, I've dreamed of your tongue....for years.....;)

Silly fox;)

(Deleted comment)
Yeah, you magnificent bastard, you da bloop:)

Great job this year pal:)

Glad we could work the con. We had a great crew on security this year, and it helped out a lot. A lot less stress on me over last year :)
It was a fun time, and the people who worked it with us who were not there last year all enjoyed the hell out of it.
When you get dates and location for next year, be sure to drop us a line.

I attended the first Pawpet Megaplex in 2002. That was my very first fur con and first contact in RL with other furs, and have attended every Megaplex since. I cannot be more pleased to see it finally taking off, especially with all it had going against it last year. I look forward to attending next year's Megaplex, wherever in Florida it may be.

I'll make a note of getting some tabletop games going for next year. Just need to see about getting some round tables for the room, if/when we do that. I'm always open to suggestions for what folks want for the game room, so if anyone does have any, please suggest away. :)

And it'll be hard for me not to want to run the gaming room again, although I might have to see about hijacking some volunteers to watch the room a bit more for me, so I can socialize a bit more with the other staff and con folks. Silly me didn't even make it up to the Con suite until Saturday night.

And as for the ride, its groovy. I'm just glad I could help out on Monday, since I missed all the fun loading up and tearing down of the equipment that morning.

--Salen Stormwing

Thanks for the kind words, Yappy. We had a great time. Don't beat yourself up about the mission creep; it happens everywhere. You & the concom were really easy to work for.

I'll second your thanks to BraceBear and the whole supersponsor suite staff. It was a well-stocked island of relaxation. I never once walked in without someone saying hello and offering to ply me with food and drink. Here's hoping you all come back and do it again.

*pokes shyly* I had a staff badge but can't remember doing anything immensely staffy.

You did a great job yourself this year and I simply cannot wait for '09. Thanks for pouring so much effort into Megaplex. *HUGS*

Meh, the face clawing was reactionary. I had issues sleeping this entire con and I'm still not feeling caught up. I'd just gotten up from a 30 minute nap that was originally supposed to be a 3 hour nap. We just didn't have another person to cover the room and we wouldn't want joe random volunteer to do it.

As security we expect what we call "mission creep" to happen, you end up with things running late, or the con parties late, or rooms suddenly need coverage.. it's the nature of the beast. Usually you account for this by giving each other *lots* of chances to nap. In my case, I was running on about 3 solid hours the entire con because I just couldn't sleep when I was supposed to.

MP was nothing short of badass this year, I had a blast! Thanks, Yappy!


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