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Megaplex 2014 - Willy Wonka Pounce



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One last hurrah...and into the future.
carlfox wrote in megaplex
On behalf of the Board and staff, thanks to everyone who came and help make Megaplex 2008 our most successful show to date!  We had 255 members, 22 dealers, 45 fursuits in our parade, $1185 raised for the CARE Foundation, and one wine bar across the way that found out how much fun furries can be (as we cleaned them out of food and wines... :)

Special thanks to our Guest of Honour, Adam Wan, and our special Musical Guest, Matthew "Hali" Ebel, for joining us as well!

As always, if you run across a review or photo gallery for this year's convention, please let us know by commenting to this post.  That helps us keep track of what people are saying about us.  (I know I'll be posting my personal review of con events later in my own journal.)


On to 2009...at this time, we're in the process of finalizing the venue and dates for the show next year; once we have that information available, we will post it here, and on our newly renamed web site, www.megaplexcon.org.  (We have a preliminary site up there now, which will be fleshed out as things start falling into place.)

We are looking at possibly moving back to Orlando.  While the Wyndham has been great to us, the Board's well aware of the advantages having the con in Orlando gives us.  Absolutely nothing is set in stone yet, however, so stay tuned.

Our 2009 theme is "Toy Land".  After the success of 2008's theming, I can't wait to see what comes up for that one... :)


On a somewhat bittersweet note, this post will be my last as Chairman of Megaplex.  I've been in the top slot for this convention since we started, and seen it grow and change through seven years, four hotels, two host cities, and hundreds of members, like you folks, who came and had a great time at the show.  I thank you all for your support, and hope you'll join us again in the future.

I would especially like to thank all of our Board members, staff, and volunteers over the years who have helped keep things running smoothly.  You folks don't get enough credit for the roles you play.

For myself, I'm still a member of the convention's Board of Directors, and I'll still be helping with the con in some other capacity.  Taking my place at the top are John "KP" Cole and Randy "Yappy" Fox, both of whom have been instrumental to the success of past shows.  Personally, I think they'll do a brilliant job.  :)


That's all for now.  See you next year!  :)

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It feels like the end of an era. I can't think of a better team than Yappy and KP to take over and start the new era.
Thank you for all of your hard work over the years. I may not be able to attend as often anymore but MP will always be my 'home' con.

Thanks, Tora. :) I hope you'll be able to join us again in the near future.

The con was fifty kinds of awesome this year, thank you for making me a part of it. =)


Thank you for coming, Hali! We hope you'll join us again in future years. :)

Congratulations on your seven-year tenure - and good luck to KP and Yappy for next year. :-)

Thanks, GR. By the way, I did some updating on the main Megaplex entry over on WikiFur that should answer a question you sent me.. :)

Thanks for the updates! We can always use expert knowledge. I figured the initial organization might have been done in a bit of a hurry, given the circumstances of the early years.

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