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Megaplex 2014 - Willy Wonka Pounce



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Goodbye, 2007...Hello, 2008!
carlfox wrote in megaplex
As Megaplex 6 recedes into the distance (and my feet actually start feeling halfway usable again :), I wanted to take a moment to review how we did, and look to the future.

We had 185 attendees (out of 190 registered, if I recall correctly). It's a bit of a drop from last year, but with the move and the proximity to Furry Weekend Atlanta, not unexpected. The fact we got near 200 is encouraging to me - it seems that, despite all the drama and gossip, there are folks who are interested in attending Megaplex, and helping us make it an enjoyable weekend. For that, you all have my heartfelt thanks.

Special kudos go out to the Board and staff of the convention, many of whom busted their tails as convention time approached to make sure materials were printed, premiums were ordered, equipment was working, and that the con went off with as few hitches as possible. You all did a wonderful job, and you have my gratitude for all of your hard work.

Not everything was perfect, of course, and I fully expect to see some constructive criticism coming our way amongst the more glowing reviews. At first glance around the journals, however, it appears that most folks had a great weekend at the convention...and, no matter what trials get thrown the staff's way, if our fellow fen had fun, then we've done what we set out to do.

As always, my mailbox is always open : <mp-ceo@pawpet.org>. Let me know what you liked, what you didn't, what else you'd like to see. I will read and respond to the e-mail I get, and pass along your comments to the appropriate folks as well.

Now, we can look at getting ready for 2008 (after a short period of decompression, of course)...

...speaking of 2008, I am happy to announce that the contract has been signed for our return to the Wyndham Jacksonville Riverwalk, the weekend of March 28-30, 2008, for Megaplex 7! Our theme will be comics-related, we'll be working on a new arts track, and further information will appear on our home page and the megaplex community very soon, so stay tuned!

Thank you again to everyone who helped make the con successful this year, and we'll see you again in late March 2008!

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I had a ton of fun! Can't wait for next year! Thank you so much :)

I had a great time at MP6.. the entire staff worked thier tails off to make it a great con. The biggest complaint I heard about this years con was it was too close to FWA, and I'm glad you took care of that for next year.

While Mephit Fur Meet and FWA also had comedy and improv, the events at Megaplex are the most fun and entertaining. You guys know how to put on a show. That's why I'll keep going!

We wanted to move into early April, actually, but the last weekend in March still puts six weeks or so between us and FWA.

I'm glad you and your staff took care of that ASAP. That gives everyone who wants to go to both FWA and MP enough time for rest (and scrounging up cash).

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