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Megaplex 2014 - Willy Wonka Pounce



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PPMP 2007!!!
crystallinediva wrote in megaplex
My thoughts and thanks on the con, if you'd like to read them, can be found
I can't believe it's actually over!!

I had a fantastic time, all thanks to the unbelievably talented board and staff - you've all worked so hard to keep this a fun, intimate con for all ages, and I am grateful for the opportunity to cut loose and have some fun this past weekend.

It's been a while (something like 6 years) since Ive been on a stage, and it's comforting to know I can still shake off the dust and perhaps suspend the disbelief of an audience member or two for a few brief moments.  Rocky Horror was so much fun with a cast of extremely talented performers (roninotter as Brad, mach as Frank N Furter, simbamco as Rocky, lynxkitten as Magenta, jadedfox as Riff Raff, lilibugg as Columbia, rasvar as Eddie, poinktferret as the criminologist, and kuddlepup as Dr. Scott), and I felt so honored to be a part of that fantastic group.  Special note must be made that jadedfox and lynxkitten performed the entire show in fursuit, and did it well.  Their athleticism and stamina left me in awe.  Also, many thanks to stria_inbiri for stage managing, Herbie for being the official barker, and Carl's friend (does anyone know her name?? she was fantastic!!) for calling back everything imaginable.

Speaking of thanking Herbie, I wanted to say another thanks for allowing me to come up and help you with your incredibly touching and beautiful skit.  You were phenomenal - I was getting misty offstage when the music hit its climax and you fell to your knees - pure brilliance.  I had a hard time holding it together for my entrance right after that.  If anyone wants to see it, look here.  I think it had more impact in person, but I'm glad it was recorded.  I want to remember this for a long time to come.

Other wonderful highlights at the con: RB's unbelievable generosity in the form of a $900.00 C.A.R.E. donation secured unclekage's private story hour (extra bonus guest: 2_gryphon) for himself and the cast of Rocky Horror just before the show.  I can't express how cool it was to have the two of them having a glass (or two or three or....) of wine with us, and generally having a grand old time.  It went a long way to relaxing all of us in the show, I think, and allowed us some great laughs.

2_gryphon joined us on the PawPet stage as the inimitable Crunchberry.  Actually, I think the funniest part happened backstage with all of the Peckers sizing each other up in their own strange ways.  I don't know if anyone will find it quite as hilarious as we did, but there were tears in my eyes from laughing so hard.

Finally, one of my absolute favorite parts of the con was the chance to see actual daylight - go figure!  terrymouse and I ventured outdoors for a while to enjoy the sunshine and some good conversation.  It was wonderfully relaxing, and I'm happy to have made such a sweet new friend.

Many thanks again to lynxkitten, roninotter, and simbamco for allowing me to room with them, and to all the folks that make megaplex possible.  I love you all. 

Now come see Boston.


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But Boston doesn't have a con :)

OMG 2 was crunchberry??? hahahahahaha

your performance *Skit doesn't do it justice* with herbie was phenomenal...best act off broadway done at a con :) You need to tour that aroudn to teh other conventions variety shows, omg do it at anthrocon :)

I do nto relaly knwo you, apart from your stint on broadway, but you're pretty, smart, and sweet and your presence at the con was appreciated. thank you for coming. Orlando misses you

Boston doesn't need a con - it's awesome enough to visit on its own ;) hahaha

Yes! 2 was Crunchberry, and I was falling over laughing from his birdie voice. That man has some talent.

Wow... *blushes bright red* Thanks so much!! I'm glad you enjoyed it! I can't afford AC this year, unfortunately, but I would have loved to have done it again.

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