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Megaplex 2014 - Willy Wonka Pounce



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Thank you for making Megaplex XIII awesome!
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skippyfox wrote in megaplex
Another Megaplex has come and gone. Thank you - all 1,281 of you - for coming and enjoying the furry festivities with us for a truly amazing year!

Attendees came from far and wide: 38 states, plus D.C. and Puerto Rico, and 7 other countries. Here was our attendance breakdown at the time The Candy Factory gates were closed:

Attending - 821
Sponsor - 125
Super Sponsor - 62
Giga Sponsor - 2
Guests - 9
Staff - 55
Friday - 22
Saturday - 137
Sunday - 28
Dance passes - 20

We owe special praise to our dedicated staff members and volunteers, who meticulously kept the show running behind the scenes all weekend long. We also owe heaps of gratitude to our wonderful guests of honor, Mary Mouse & Tani DaReal, for their immense contributions of artwork and programming time. Not to mention our performing guests Fox Amoore, Rhubarb the Bear, Husky In Denial and Pepper Coyote, as well as all the DJs and panel and event hosts who brought great entertainment to the convention, and artists who spent the time putting together all of the work you saw in the hallways and took home with you in the con book. Thank you!!

As we bid a bittersweet farewell to the Candy Factory, we have a few final announcements to share:

Firstly, we're already brainstorming to make Megaplex XIV: Cops & Robbers the greatest Megaplex yet! Mark your calendars: The convention returns to the Orlando Airport Marriott for July 31 - August 2, 2015.

We're paying close attention to our survey responses and trying to get as much feedback as we can get, in order to keep our con as enjoyable as possible. One of the many common suggestions, for example, is for a more orderly Artist Alley, so we are already we're fleshing out plans to make it happen. If you haven't taken part in our survey, please do! The more feedback we can get about what we did right and what we did wrong, the better we can prepare for Megaplex 2015.
Please fill out our feedback survey at: https://megaplexcon.org/survey

Interested in helping out Megaplex next year? We'll be expanding our staff as the convention keeps growing. To apply, please fill out the form at: https://megaplexcon.org/staffapp
We'll also be on the lookout for art to feature in our con book and elsewhere. Keep an eye out for more announcements on that front. Remember, our 2015 theme will be Cops & Robbers.

If you got home after the convention and realized you're missing something important of yours, please send an email to mp-lostfound@megaplexcon.org, and include a description of the missing item so we can see if we have it.

If you took home a Megaplex 2014 t-shirt, please check to make sure that the design is not peeling off after it has gone through the wash. We received a bad batch of t-shirts and we're working with our printer to have bad shirts replaced. If you have a bad shirt, please follow the instructions here: https://megaplexcon.org/node/393

Did you take photos or video of Megaplex that you'd like to share? We keep an archive of Megaplex memories, and would be thrilled if you can help us build this year's collection. Please follow these steps to share your media with us: https://megaplexcon.org/uploadpics
The archives are located at http://archives.megaplexcon.org/albums/ - Please note that the archive page is temporarily under construction as we're in the process of replacing our gallery software. You can peruse the content available in the meantime.

Thank you all for a great year! We can't wait to see you again!