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June update - teasers, gifts, pre-reg and more!
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skippyfox wrote in megaplex
Here is another little video teaser to whet your appetite. Only 45 days until we open the gates to the Candy Factory!


(Update - Pre-reg deadline has been extended!) Online pre-registration for Megaplex XIII closes on July 8 - less than a month out. We have this cool feature where you can get an avatar of your fursona - any avatar of your choice - printed on your Megaplex con badge. But this is only available if you pre-register online! Oh yes, and it's cheaper too. :)

We have many levels of "sponsor" memberships - Sponsor, Super Sponsor, Mega Sponsor and the "I have to be insane to love Megaplex this much" Gigasponsor. Each level has more and more gifts for you tacked on, including a free t-shirt with art by :linktanidareal:, access to snacks, candy and meals at our sponsor suite, and exclusive for this year, a snazzy candy box made of cherry wood! (

Hit up to register.

Hotel rooms:

Hotel rooms are still available for just $99 in the Megaplex room block. They'll continue to be available until July 9 ... or until the hotel is booked full. Parking is free if you are a hotel guest.

And just a friendly plug that if you like to split the cost of your weekend with other congoers, we have forums to help you find buddies just for that purpose:
Room Share and Ride Share forums (and Orlando travel info):

Upcoming games & events:

Our programming schedule is full!

Many great games and events are returning to Megaplex this year. Like to get competitive? Well we've got competitions for you:
- We're continuing the tradition of pre-con bowling on Thursday, July 24! Bowling is free and exclusively for attendees.
- The fursuit dance competition is back and better than ever. Rules of entry can be found here:
- Some classic Megaplex game events are returning too, including the Japanese Game Show Experience, and the Fursuit Games.

We've also got a TON of events, panels and other programming to keep you busy all weekend! Keep your eyes peeled for the full schedule of events, to be published soon!

The many ways to contribute to the con:

This coming Sunday, June 15, is the final day to submit artwork, stories, and ads to appear in our con book (programming guide). Get your stuff in! For details about submissions, visit

Interested in helping out during the convention? We're still recruiting staff for our security team, The Fuzz.
Not up for the commitment of staffhood? You can still contribute in many ways throughout the weekend as a volunteer.

A note to our supersponsors

If you were an early-bird supersponsor, you received a confirmation a while back that your fursona will be featured in our poster art along the hallways of the convention. If you haven't already been contacted about your character details for the poster artwork, you will shortly. Thanks for your patience!

We owe all of our sponsors massive thanks for their support, without which we couldn't make Megaplex the incredible event that it is every year. Thank you!

We're on Vine! And YouTube, and Facebook, and and...
If you can't get enough Megaplex, follow us! All of our social media info can be found at

Thanks for reading!

If you have any questions about Megaplex or any concerns, feel free to voice them here or send us a private email at We also have an extensive FAQ on our website:

See you next month!


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