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Hosting a panel at Megaplex
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Hey everybody! We're seeing lots of great panel submissions. If you're contributing something, get yours in quick!

You can help make Megaplex 2014 as action-packed as ever. Hosting an event is fun AND rewarding! Ever wanted to share what you know about art, performance or something else? There are attendees eager to learn from you! Or how about a meet-and-greet for your favorite species or a common interest?

For every hour of volunteer work at Megaplex (including hosting panels or events), we'll give you a $5 credit toward registration for Megaplex 2015.

The sooner you get your request in, the better. Fill out your info here:

DJ Dance Event - Big Blue Fox and Cheetah!
Megaplex strives every year to bring wonderful talent from around the world to our
attendees. This year, we are excited to announce "", a special Dance
Event featuring two world-class DJs: Returning Guest of Honour Big Blue Fox, and
the Chairman of Eurofurence, Cheetah!

And don't forget, Megaplex is still accepting
DJ submissions for our full schedule of dances to complement this great event. Just
visit and fill out the submission form to
be considered.

With the beginning of such a wonderful lineup, this really is turning into a super
sweet year!

Thank you for contributing your photos! Here are the contest winners.
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Throughout the month of February, users posted 200 unique photos of Megaplex experiences via Twitter and Facebook. We want to thank everybody who contributed to this social gallery. We're thrilled to see such wonderful memories being shared.

Check out all the amazing photos submitted!
On Facebook:
On Twitter (via

Of those applicable, we have selected three photos at random to be the winning entries for our giveaway.

The first prize is a free membership or upgrade for Megaplex 2014, along with art of your character featured in a "Megaplex XIII: The Candy Factory" poster in the hallways at Megaplex this July. The winner is @TheDanteOxalis!

Two runners up also receive their character art featured in a poster. The winners are @w0nderdawg and @VitaiSlade!

Congratulations to our winners! We'll be contacting you shortly to arrange delivery of your prizes.

To everybody who played, thanks again for sharing your wonderful Megaplex memories with all of us. We can't wait to see what sweet memories everyone will take home after Megaplex XIII: The Candy Factory!

Megaplex membership & custom poster art giveaway!
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We're giving away 1 free registration (or upgrade) for Megaplex 2014, and 3 more spots on Megaplex's poster art where your own character can be featured! We're asking folks to share their photos of Megaplex on Twitter or Facebook.

The full details

SuperSponsor update - Poster slots are sold out
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All of the poster slots are now filled. Thanks to our new Super/Giga Sponsors! You can still register as a SuperSponsor or higher, with the normal advertised benefits including access to the sponsor lounge and Guest of Honor lunch. Keep an eye out for announcements about upcoming promotions.

A special gift for our early supersponsors (SOLD OUT!)
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UPDATE: All of the poster slots are now filled. Thanks to our new Super/Giga Sponsors! You can still register as a SuperSponsor or higher, with the normal advertised benefits including access to the sponsor lounge and Guest of Honor lunch. Keep an eye out for announcements about upcoming promotions.

The generosity of our Supersponsors really help Megaplex provide a fun and unique environment, and so we'd like to offer something special to those individuals who register as a Supersponsor or higher earlier in the year.

Many of our attendees are familiar with our colorful posters that we use as hall decor each year. Some of these posters have been placed in our charity auction and gone for more than $100 a piece. This year, YOUR CHARACTER can be included in the poster art! That's right, the first 12 individuals who register as a Supersponsor or higher for Megaplex 2014, can have their character included into the design of one of this year's posters. Depending on design, there can be up to 3 characters per poster. And since we place the full size posters in the charity auction, we will provide you with a smaller, personal copy so that you are guaranteed to have one! Oh, and we have not forgotten about those who have already registered at the Supersponsor or higher level. Your spots are already secure if you want them!

Does that sound sweet? You can help the convention, and be included in the poster art that will be used throughout this year's Megaplex! We have to give the artists time to create the best possible work. So please hurry, only the first 12 SuperSponsors and up can take advantage of this early bird registration special.

Register for Megaplex

6 months out! Megaplex news and updates
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Well everyone, we're already at the 6-month mark! We have some important announcements and reminders for you:

Have you pre-registered for the con and reserved your room? Reservations and Registration are open NOW. Don't forget, pre-registration saves you money AND time in line!

Also in our con store, we are selling the Bowling Shirts that we introduced at Megaplex 2013. You can order them online for pickup at the convention when you retrieve your badge.

If you haven't heard, our artist guests of honor this year are the ever-amazing Mary Mouse and TaniDaReal. They're excited to be a part of this year's events. We're already seeing some lovely artwork created by them exclusively for Megaplex!

Calling all artists and writers - Have a creative idea that you think is sweet enough for the Candy Factory? We'd love to feature your work in our Con Book! Details and submission info can be found here.

We have open staff positions in Con Security. If you're interested in joining our team, fill out a staff application.

We'll also be looking for volunteers for various roles, such as our dance competition. If you're interested in signing up to help out, please fill out this form for our volunteer coordinator. For every hour contributed, volunteers are offered $5 off registration for the following year, up to the full price of a 3 day attending membership.

Programming is now taking submissions for panels and events. Much of the programming at Megaplex happens because you, our attendees, are willing to take the time to host a panel, meet-and-greet, or workshop in a subject area that interests you. If you would like to request to host an event this year, please fill out the request form.

DJ submissions are now being accepted. If you would like to be considered as a DJ for one of our dances, please fill out the event request form.

Remember, event organizers and hosts are offered the same benefits as volunteers: $5 off next year's registration for each hour of your time, up to the full price of a 3 day attending membership, for every hour you host a panel, meet-and-greet or workshop.

If you have any questions or feedback for the convention, we're listening! Contact us by email or ask us questions on Twitter, Facebook or FurAffinity.

Accepting applications for con security
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Megaplex Security, affectionately known as "The Fuzz", is accepting applications for new team members. If you have a passion for the community, wish to help Megaplex as we experience new growth, and can be a strong, positive team player – our Security Chief would love to hear from you!

Megaplex security members must possess a respect for all attendees and fellow staff members, have an ability to take direction, and a passion for doing the right thing. You receive all staff member priviliges including access to the Sponsor Suite, complimentary convention membership, and most importantly, the satisfaction of knowing that you are part of helping to make Megaplex a safe and fun environment for everyone!

If you’d like to join "The Fuzz", please fill out our staff application form. (You will need to log into the Megaplex website first.)

The future of this account
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Hi all,

Although Megaplex has been growing quickly, this LiveJournal community has seen very little use in the last couple of years, aside from crossposting convention announcements. We've been considering no longer supporting it, in favor of other social networks and news sources. I'm looking for some feedback to see if anybody is still actively relying on the Megaplex LJ community.

If the community is discontinued, convention updates will continue to be available by other means:

All Megaplex announcements are posted to our website, which has an RSS feed. You can add the RSS feed to your aggregator of choice, and it is also on LiveJournal at megaplexcon and on DreamWidth. This feed allows you to continue getting convention news and updates here on LJ, but it is not a moderated community like this one, and users will not be able to post entries to it.

Updates are also posted to our Twitter, FurAffinity, and (new) FaceBook accounts. If you have an account on any of these websites we encourage following us for updates and important information about the con. You can also ask us questions on any of those websites and expect a reasonably quick response.

If discontinued, this community and all existing entries would remain here for posterity, but convention news & updates would not be crossposted here, and users would be encouraged to post on networks that are more relevant and visible, or to email us directly, if anybody has information or questions to share.

Thank you!

Megaplex hotel reservations are now open!
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Happy new year, furries!

Our hotel page is updated with all the info you need to book your room for Megaplex. That's right, hotel reservations are open right now!

We're excited to share that the negotiated room rate has been reduced to just $99/night! And parking is once again FREE for guests, up to two cars per hotel room. Visit our hotel page for booking information.

Have questions about rooming at the convention hotel? Visit the hotel website and our hotel FAQ for more info. If you still have questions please email us at


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